Brush It Off ft Tea Marie

Yung Kizo


Tempo: 85

Key: B


Verse 1:

BM7                            Dm7/9                         Gm7

Always keep a few rolled on the dresser, Yessir  12


And please keep it chill, nothing extra  9


Gut the cigar, put the purp in the center  11

Dm7/9                                                             Gm7

Fly smooth, these are the views from the delta  10

BM7                               Dm7/9

Crew on standby just in case Kizo mess up 11

Cm7                     Gm7                                      EM7

Double FC, I’m a lifetime member  10

Every morning when I look into the mirror  12

Dm7                                        Cm7     Dm7/9

I see a new man I’m not the man that I remember 13

BM7                                             Dm7/9

I got the smoothest credentials, a pool of potential  14

Gm7                                        EM7

None better, let it be known, who’s a contender? 12


I ain’t sweating it, to benevolent to let it get to me  16

I crush these records extra effortless its muscle memory  16

BM7                                  Dm7/9

Not desperate to have no label chasing after me  13

EM7                                   Gm7

Acting like they don’t know how to calculate a salary 15


I know what it’s worth and I won’t take a penny less 13


And if they too broke to buy shit, pay yo respects  12



BM7                     Dm7/9

Take ya best shot, if you pull it keep it comin 12

Gm7                      Cm7

I’ve lost my own family, compared to that it’s nothing  14


Who I am behind the mic, you should recognize in public 15

Dm7/9                                                   Cm7, Dm7/9

If it aint from the fam, then I proly can’t trust it  13

BM7                      Dm7/9

Best foot forward, keep my next step ready 9

Cm7                                         Gm7

With the flyest crew man we jet set heavy 11


Prepped for whatever, I don’t even know what’s comin 13

Dm7/9                                                             Cm7, Dm7/9

I could walk through the fire, brush it off like it’s nothing  13


Verse 2:

Familiar with my roots, I can trace ‘em back far 12

Can’t believe all this genius buried in the sod   12

Came through the muuuud, now I’m shining like a diamond bitch  13

Motivated by the pressure to fulfill these promises 15

BM7                    Dm7/9

And that I will, that’s how I feel 8

Gm7                                   Cm7

Being fake is much harder charge it to the real 12


Mind too refined, rhymes need a sharper feel   10

Dm7/9                                                             Gm7

I swear I’m on automatic my heart made of carbon steel 15

Bm7                            Dm7/9

not smart to let a player like me pop off   11

Cm7                            Gm7

I don’t even need to warm up like a pop tart   12


One day this style will be a lost art 9

Dm7/9                                        Cm7 , Dm7/9

But my resume will always say 5 stars  11

BM7                      Dm7/9

The authenticity I deliver is timeless  13

Gm7                                        EM7

Instead of checkin on me you should check in on a joblist  15


more Important matters weighing on my conscious 12

Like the apocalypse or when that north Korean bomb hits 15

BM7                                   Dm7/9

Some things never change even when the time shifts 10

EM7                                         Gm7

Truth will not be televised, you will need to find it   13


Hope to live long pockets strong to be honest  11


Put haters on hold, let the real cosign this  11





What, what 2

Watch me brush it off, watch me brush it off 10

Watch me brush it off, watch me brush it off  10

Yea, yea, yea

Yea, yea, yea

Yea, yea, yea… 11

Watch me brush it off, watch me brush it off  10

Watch me brush it off, watch me brush it off  10

Prepped for whatever, I don’t even know whats comin  13

I could walk through the fire, brush it off like it’s nothing  13