In The Works

On the verge of graduating officially, this track called “One Life” sums up how Kizo’s mindset heading into the future having rediscovered what it means to apart of this ever-evolving industry. Ain’t no guarantees in this life so whatever you do, make the most of it.


Only One Life to live

This a culmination of good vibes, and positive energy,

Hugs for my enemies,

Stamp my identity on to the masses

Vision clear see through the fog in my glasses

Now I’m back on bull shit dual wrist action, Hiphop fashion

Out here running shit like i got the admin

Overload they servers when i drop this classic

Now I’m going harder pardon me you takin Space appreciate it if you move along

And don’t think i can’t see the animosity

You watch me wit even though my louis’s on

Seen it all before, when opportunity knocks

I bust through them revolving doors

Cuz’ staying broke is ancient news and I ain’t Trying to fossilize like a dinosaur

I got a lot to live for, watch me get more

Hell break loose when i read this grimmior

Smoke that thunder with them boys from Asgard

Not from here homie watch me lift off

G’s from the past keep me headed for the bag

Rather be the villain since good guys finish last

Soon as the competition finna close the gap

I’m a show you why Yung Kizo in another class

legit in my own lane

Flood the web enter my domain

Make ya self comfortable

Bitch Im da plugg what you wanna know

Wasn’t nothing given to me bitch i had to go earn it

I’m just glad i put the work in, verse is fresh out the furnace crisis averted

System could fucked me up early though my Spirit is pure my rap sheet dirty

But i aint thinking bout the negative, only the Shit thats relative

Grow some thicker skin and stop being so sensitive

Cuz I ain’t got time for it, the world ain’t designed for it

I wish i could fast forward in need of a Backwoods

(why don’t you just chill) I’m ready for good vibes

I’m ready roll up I’m ready to catch flight

I’m ready for women that love keeping them hips tight

And take in the scenery as we bathe in the sunlight

Only One Life to live

Credits: Omar (drums), Mitch (recording engineer), Keenan Kruel (Composer, Artist, Executive producer)

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